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Bahigo is the leading sports-betting and online casino provider
in Turkey and Switzerland. And now in Japan with KaKeYo!
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We are offering one of the sports betting and casino product in the world!

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Tracking and Statistics

We know how important tracking and statistics are for an affiliate and therefore you will get full access to our state of art tools which will give you everything you need and more!


Our Revenue Share deal is the best one for our markets.

We are happy to share the success. Work more, earn more!

0 - 10 New Customers - 20% Revenue Share
10 - 30 New Customers - 25% Revenue Share
30 - 60 New Customers - 30% Revenue Share
60+ New Customers - 35% Revenue Share

Why don't you

High Commissions

We are offering one of the highest commissions in the market!

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You'll be paid every month at the same time, without a delay!

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An Affiliate Program refers to a partnership between you(affiliate) and a merchant who pays the affiliate for a percentage of the revenues generated by players you've introduced to them. It's a win/win for both parties. You can make a lot of money from your niche while helping the merchant to make new players.
Please click the "Register" button and complete the form. After a short review of content, you'll be able to login to Affiliatego and start earning money the same day!
Because you'll make a lot of money with minimal effort if you have any traffic or a plan. Since every player you bring is for life, you'll have a passive income which is the best kind.
No, it's completely free. You'll have access to all of our marketing materials too.
You can read Terms & Conditions of Affiliatego here.

Reports & Statistics

No, there is no negative carry-over and you won't be charged for a negative commission of a bad month.
Please login with your credentials to our system. You can find every report you would ever need on the left menu.
All of the statistics are updated once a day. We're always offering you fresh data to work with.


First, login to our system. Click 'Media', then you can see all of our marketing materials in any size. You can just copy the code and paste into your page or use the text-link.
Please write us a mail at, make sure to include the banner size and details you need, we will look at it as fast as possible.
You can use website(s), blogs, social media, videos, E-mail/SMS marketing. If you have any other ideas make sure to get a pre-approval before proceeding. All of your campaigns must comply with our ToS.
Of course! You can add as many websites as you want. Please login and go to 'Campaigns', then select 'Marketing Sources'.
Yes, you can use the name and the logo on your website but you can't redesign or make any changes on them.

Commissions & Payments

Please login to the system and go to 'Rewards' section in the menu.
We're offering one of the best rewards plans in the market. Commission is purely based on your performance, if you work hard you earn a lot more! You can check your current plan after you login and please contact your affiliate manager if you want to discuss it further.
Lifetime! You will keep earning commissions as long as the player continues to play at Bahigo. The only condition is, you need to be actively promoting us.
Commission is calculated at the end of the month and credited to affiliate partner's account by the 15th of the following month.
Minimum payout is EUR 100.00.


The banners and text-links you get from Affiliatego are embedded with unique Bahigo tracking code with your affiliate ID. If a customer visits the website coming from your link, your tracking code will be stored on their computer. All further activity for this customer will be tracked and linked to your affiliate account, for lifetime.
We are offering a cookie duration of 30 days! This means your referred customer can come back within 30 days and still, will be linked to your account!
It happens to the best of us. Please click here.


If you have any other questions or in need of further assistance, please use the 'Contact us' section down below or send us an e-mail at ''


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